Johnsons Ear Cleanser



Softens Wax

Suitable For Cats & Dogs

Pack Contains 18ml




Product Description

Johnsons Ear Cleanser is for regular cleaning of the ears.

Softens and aids removal of wax and other debris from ear canal.

This antibacterial cleaner is suitable for the ears of both cats and dogs.

Pack contains 18ml.


Propylene Glycol, Chlorocresol, Terpineol

Directions For Use

Breed Recommended Dose
Cats & Very Small Dogs 3 drops
Small Dogs 4 drops
Medium Dogs 5 drops
Large Dogs 6 drops

May be used once or twice weekly, or as required, to help prevent build up of wax and other debris.

Hold bottle above ear and very gently squeeze the required amount of drops as shown above.

Hold head to one side for 15-20 seconds to allow the drops penetrate the ear canal.