Johnsons Diarrhoea Tablets


For Cats & Dogs

Relieves Symptoms Of Mild Diarrhoea

Tablets Can Be Crushed

Pack Contains 12 Tablets


Product Description

Johnsons Diarrhoea Tablets are suitable for cats and dogs over 12 weeks of age.

These tablets can be given whole or crushed into food and aid the relief from symptoms of mild diarrhoea.

Pack contains 12 tablets.


Calcium Carbonate, Bismuth Subcarbonate

Directions For Use

Dogs (12 weeks+) Recommended Dosage
Under 3.6kg 1 tablet
3.6kg – 11.3kg 2 tablets
11.4kg – 22.6kg 3 tablets
Over 22.6kg 4 tablets
Cats (12 weeks+) Recommended Dosage
Under 2.3kg 0.5 tablets
2.3kg – 4.6kg 1 tablet

Give the number of tablets shown above twice daily, either whole or crushed and mixed with a little water.

Give the tablets for 3 days.