COA Halti Comfort Collar Black


Reflective Stitching

Neoprene Padding

Highly Adjustable

Robust 3-Point Clip


Product Description

Company of Animals Halti Comfort Collar is a simple yet practical dog collar that’s soft and comfortable for everyday wear.

Designed with a robust three point button release clip and strong ring to attach your dog’s lead.

A super-soft neoprene padding ensures your dog is comfortable and happy on every walk.

Perfect for early morning or late evening walks, this dog collar features reflective stitching for high visibility in low-light settings.

Size Guide

Size Neck Size Collar Width
Extra Small 20cm – 30cm 1.2cm
Small 25cm – 35cm 1.5cm
Medium 30cm – 60cm 2cm
Large 45cm – 70cm 2.5cm