Johnsons Ear Drops


For Cats & Dogs

Kills Ear Mites

Softens Wax

Pack Contains 15ml



Product Description

Johnsons Ear Drops is a solution to help your pet’s ears.

The drops soften wax, sooth irritation, aid healing and also kill ear mites.

Suitable for milder cases of scratching, head shaking or waxy debris.

Pack contains 15ml.


Pyrethrum Pale Extract (25%) 0.4% w/v (equivalent to Pyrethrins 0.1% w/v), Piperonyl

Directions For Use

Breed Recommended Dosage
Cats & Very Small Dogs 3 drops
Small Dogs 4 drops
Medium Dogs 5 drops
Large Dogs 6 drops

Drops should be gently warmed to body temperature before use.

Shake bottle, hold above ear and very gently squeeze drops as required.

Hold head on one side for 15-20 seconds to allow drops to penetrate the ear canal, massaging at the base of the ear.

Use daily for 7 days.

Always treat both ears, whether both are infected or not.

To ensure complete clearance of mites, a second course of treatment may be given one week after the end of the first course.