Beaphar Wormclear Spot-On


From 12 Weeks Old



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Product Description

Beaphar Wormclear Spot-On for Cats is an effective, easy-to-use spot-on dewormer, ideal for cats that dislike tablets.

This veterinary medicine contains praziquantel, and combats tapeworm infestations commonly found in UK cats.

Hunting and eating infested prey, or ingesting fleas during grooming can be a common cause of tapeworm infestations.

This easy-to-use spot on kills tapeworms fast. Suitable for cats and kittens weighing more than 1kg. It can also be applied to pregnant and nursing queens.

As fleas can carry tapeworm eggs, it’s important to ensure your cat’s flea treatment is up to date, to reduce the risk of reinfestation from ingesting infected fleas.