Exotic Tropical Parrot Seed Mix


Contains Dried Fruit

Mixed Exotic Parrot Feed


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Product Description

Exotic Tropical Parrot Seed Mix is a complementary feed, containing a mixture of striped sunflower seed, oats, maize, peanuts in shells, extruded biscuit, chillis, dried banana etc.

This tropical blend of seeds, nuts and dried fruits makes it ideal for parrots containing a variety of ingredients, offering various sources of sugar, protein, fibre and complex carbohydrates for energy.



Sunflower Seed, Oats, Maize, Peanuts in Shell, Extruded Biscuit (Wheat, Wheatfeed, Maize, Soya Oil), Raisins/Sultanas, Flaked Peas, Maize Grits, Dried Banana, Safflorseed, Peanuts, White Pumpkin Seed, Chillies, Yellow Biscuit (Wheat Flour, Colourant).